Why Study in UK

UK degrees are highly valued worldwide, with UK universities in the top 10 of the QS employer reputation ranking.

The UK is recognized as a center of academic excellence, where students can expect a world-class education that will set them on the road to their future careers in way that no other country can offer. The success of the UK system is shown by its low drop-out rates. This is a distinguishing feature of the system. UK education system is a globally respected qualification. UK universities have featured strongly in world rankings ever since they began. The times higher education world rankings awarded the UK with three of the world’s top ten universities. This high quality can be found right across the country, with seven of the top 50, and 30 of the top 200 universities found here in the UK.

Many UK higher education courses are shorter than in other countries. Shorter UK degrees are more intensive, which means students will save a great deal on both tuition fees and living costs, as well as being able to start working and earn money sooner.

international students who have successfully completed an undergraduate or master’s degree will be able to benefit from two years’ work experience in the UK upon graduation, through the new Graduate Route.

Students who complete their Ph.D. will be able to stay for three years. Graduates will be able to switch into skilled work once they have found a suitable job and eventually plan their settlement in the UK.

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